PEP: Configurable application

Overview of existing technologies


IPython Configuration Documentation

  • based on traitlets (traits)
  • auto command line generation
  • easy to handle sub class configurations
  • methods to generate and read config files
  • need to explictly save configuration
  • handle automatic namespaces based on class names : MyClass.Param1
  • JSON or Python serialization
  • support typing based on trait
  • NO unique configuration (singleton)

Example of code

from IPython.config.configurable import Configurable
from IPython.config.application import Application
from IPython.utils.traitlets import (Bool, Unicode, List, Dict)

class Applet1(Configurable):
    name = Unicode(u'Guillaume', config=True, help="First name.")
    dry_run = Bool(True, config=True)

class MyApp(Application):
    classes = List([Applet1])
    config_file = Unicode(u'', config=True,
                   help="Load this config file")

    aliases = Dict({'name':''})
    # config_file is reachable only with --MyApp.config_file=... or --help-all

    def initialize(self, argv=None):
        if self.config_file:
            self.load_config_file(self.config_file) = Applet1(config=self.config)

    def start(self):
        print "app.config:"
        print self.config

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = MyApp()
    config_str = app.generate_config_file()

Default python file generated from this code :

# Configuration file for application.

c = get_config()

# MyApp configuration

# This is an application.

# MyApp will inherit config from: Application

# Set the log level by value or name.
# c.MyApp.log_level = 30

# The Logging format template
# c.MyApp.log_format = '[%(name)s]%(highlevel)s %(message)s'

# Load this config file
# c.MyApp.config_file = u''

# The date format used by logging formatters for %(asctime)s
# c.MyApp.log_datefmt = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'

# Applet1 configuration

# First name.
# = u'Guillaume'

# c.Applet1.dry_run = True

ETS AppTools

ETS AppTools Preference Documentation

  • based on traits & ConfigObj.
  • handle configuration inheritance
  • all parameters are stored as strings but types can be forced using a PreferenceHelper (HasTraits class) describing types for each parameter.

Example of inheritance :

>>> from apptools.preferences.preferences import Preferences
>>> pref = Preferences()
>>> pref.set('ui.color', 'black')
>>> pref.get('ui.editor.color', inherit=True)

Existing technology in OpenAlea

classes in openalea.core.settings :

Settings: singleton

Methods:  [
           'add_option', 'add_section', 'add_section_update_handler', 'configfile',
           'defaults', 'exists', 'get', 'getboolean', 'getfloat', 'getint', 'has_option',
           'has_section', 'instance', 'items', 'options', 'optionxform', 'read', 'readfp',
           'remove_option', 'remove_section', 'sections', 'set', 'write'

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