Migrate public gforge/svn to github

First install git-svn

On linux, package is generally called "git-svn"

On Mac OS X with macport:

sudo port deactivate git
sudo port install git +svn

All scripts are available in virtualplants/svntogit project.

Migrate whole svn repository to git

All scripts are available on gforge: virtualplants/svntogit

  1. extract svn author names and save it in a file:
svn log --quiet | awk '/^r/ {print $3}' | sort -u > svn-authors
  1. update svn-authors:
svnname = Full Name <email>
git svn clone --authors-file=svn-authors svn+ssh://USER@scm.gforge.inria.fr/svnroot/PROJECT/trunk PROJECT-git-svn

If it fails due to an author missing in author file, like Author: anonymous not defined in svn-authors file

Just add it to author file, go to PROJECT-git-svn and continue:

cd PROJECT-git-svn
git svn fetch

To synchronize with last svn changes (done after git svn clone)

cd PROJECT-git-svn
git svn rebase

Export tags : git push --tags

Useful links:

Migrate subpart of repository while keeping history

Hack to extract only commit with modification in a specific directory

#1. Convert a whole repository but keep only one directory (here "misc" from "openalea" svn repository)
# Replace svn url with right one found on gforge
git svn clone --authors-file=svn-authors  --include-paths="^misc" svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svnroot/openalea/trunk misc-git-svn

#2. Generate a file with commit information
cd misc-git-svn
git log --name-only --pretty=format:commit:%H > ../commits-misc.txt

#3. Generate a bash script to cherry-pick these commits
python parse-commits.py ../commits-misc.txt > cherry-pick.sh

#4. Create new empty git repository
cd ..
mkdir misc-git-svn-filtered
cd misc-git-svn-filtered
git init
git remote add origin ../misc-git-svn
git fetch origin

# 5. Check cherry-pick script and run it.
sh ../misc-git-svn/cherry-pick.sh

# 6. Go to your real github repository and import this branch
cd ../repo
git remote add local_misc ../misc-git-svn-filtered
git fetch local_misc
git checkout local_misc/master -b misc-git-svn

# 7. Rewrite historic to avoid to appears as commiter in each commit
see change-history.sh script

# 8. Merge it
git checkout master
git merge misc-git-svn

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