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Test GUI

Simple checklist to test manually OpenAleaLab GUI



Two controls with same name New control Remove control

Drag and drop

  • VisualeaPackage (X3 tabs)
    • composite node -> Dataflow
    • composite node -> Shell
    • node -> Dataflow
    • node -> Shell
    • Node I/O OK
  • Control
    • Control -> Dataflow
    • Control -> Shell
  • Project
    • Data -> Dataflow
    • Data -> Shell
    • Model -> Dataflow
    • Model -> Shell

Click (C) or Double click (DblC)

Double click is generally used to open data

  • FileBrowser
    • (DblC) on a file open it (at least in text editor)
    • (DblC) on a directory does nothing
  • VisualeaPkg
    • (DblC) on a composite node open a dialog to define name, add it to current project and open it in editor
    • (DblC) on a node open a dialog to change default inputs
  • Project
    • (DblC) on a data CATEGORY open an import data dialog
    • (DblC) on a data open it in a compatible editor (can be external or internal)
    • (DblC) on a model open it in internal editor
    • (DblC) on a startup open it in internal editor
    • (DblC) on a lib open it in internal editor


Best way to test dependency issues is to uninstall completly package.

Uninstall all third party extension (tissuelab, ...)


oalab must launch and shell must be replaced by simple shell


oalab must launch but:
  • LPy model is not available
  • 3D Viewer IS AVAILABE


oalab must launch but:
  • LPy model is NOT AVAILABLE
  • 3D Viewer is NOT AVAILABLE


all test in openalea/core work notebook work


New control works but has 0 interfaces available (show information dialog or empty list)